Brain Dip helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

We know that there are young people who walk into the classroom carrying a bag of low self-esteem and a pen filled with a lack of motivation. They then have to sit an exam covered in content that they already feel they can’t succeed in.

The very few revision strategies that are available in schools fail to work for these young people and show how awesome they are.

They then continue in life carrying with them the bag of low self-esteem, the pen filled with a lack of motivation and now a low grade to carry on their shoulders.

Brain Dip helps students with low self esteem

If there are no alternative strategies that interest our young people, we end up relying on external rewards that might taste sweet but only last for a short period of time. Students are still left with the feeling that they can’t achieve.

Brain Dip helps students revise

They then go home and ask for help but the parent/carer can’t at times as their own cultural capital holds them back.

Brain Dip encourages parental engagement

What if we could change all this?

What if schools had a technique that is accessible to these students and parents/carers?

Brain Dip raises motivation

Raise  motivation and confidence

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 grades and achievement

Brain Dip raises student attainment
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relationships at home

That's why we created

The new way to revise

Brain Dip is easy, accessible and develops the potential of young people unlike other revision methods.

You will see immediate results after 1 session.

Brain Dip increases grades by revising less.

Guarantees to raise attainment and progress through creative revision.

Brain Dip builds relationships while you revise.

Breaks down the existing barriers to parental engagement.

Try Brain Dip today
and see how young people can recall chunks of information from their long-term memory by revising less.

The new way to revise

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All it takes is 3 simple creative steps.

Brain Dip taps into the creative potential of young people.
With our revision method you can..



“This way of revising is so easy to use. I can see how this can help my children even adults who are still learning like me” 

—  Natasha, Parent