Brain Dip helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

We know that there are young people who walk into the classroom carrying a bag of low self-esteem and a pen filled with a lack of motivation. They then have to sit an exam covered in content that they already feel they can’t succeed in.

Without the right support, they then continue in life carrying with them the bag of low self-esteem, the pen filled with a lack of motivation and now a low grade to carry on their shoulders.

Brain Dip helps students with low self esteem

If there are no strategies that interest our young people, they end up relying on external rewards that might taste sweet but only last for a short period of time. Students are still left with the feeling that they can’t achieve.

Brain Dip helps students revise

They then go home and ask for help but the parent/carer can’t at times as their own cultural capital holds them back.

Brain Dip encourages parental engagement

What if we could change all this?

What if we could make the school learning experience accessible to all these students?

That's why we decided to create

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Brain Dip



 with themselves

From feeling like they can't achieve to recognising their awesome abilities.



with school

Our innovations are transforming education making school life easier

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at home

We break down the existing barriers to parental engagement. 

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We show young people
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