Brain Dip Memory


Creating with

 Brain Dip

Engages with your working memory

Within a few minutes

Encodes into your long-term memory

Our design in storing information into the long term memory in minutes rather than days or weeks, gives our young people a new awesome feeling and a better relationship with themselves.

Here's how it works

I’m sure you will agree, we end up spending a great deal of time in our heads. For some of our young people, it's remembering past failures to worrying about what the future holds.

However, given the opportunity, their minds can be free from all of this allowing them to see how incredible they really are!

By showing them they have this ability to create a memory in just a few minutes.

This is achieved by activating a unique part of the imagination process.

This is what Brain Dip Memory does. It engages with our ability to use the imagination which, when applied correctly,  stores information into the long-term memory within minutes.

When we use the term imagination, this is not to be confused with what is “imaginary” but as we define:


"The ability to handle complex situations and construct specifically designed scenes in our brains"

That unique part of the imagination allows us to construct such complex events and create scenarios that makes remembering so much easier.

This is just one of many innovations Brain Dip is bringing to education.

Students using Brain Dip Memory end up remembering more by revising less, 

reducing anxiety and stress.

Students who demonstrated anxiety before every exam, after Brain Dip, had an Increase in self-esteem. They said they were realising their own potential

Brain Dip Memory in a week

Students could remember six months later without any revision. They became more confident in the subject & themselves

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Store the information you want to remember

Into your Long-term memory

By creating an episodic imagined experience

Using the Brain Dip method

We all have these episodes in our lives that we can recall without any revision.

Memories from our past that stay with us; that we can remember on demand known as 

Episodic memories.

These contain an abundant set of different features including the place, person, object and even the conversations during an event in our lives. All happening and connecting within our neural network which can be accessed on demand.

However, did you know, that place in our brains where past memories can be retrieved, is also the same place for creating imagined events?

The process in retrieving a memory actually works alongside our imagination, or our ability to handle complex situations and construct specifically designed scenes.

All taking place in the hippocampus.

(Greek term for seahorse which would explain the image in our video)

When we want to remember something, we create a memory or an experience. It is the hippocampus that takes a main cognitive role and uses our imagination as part of the process.

(Otherwise known as Scene Construction Theory)

Revision becomes like an episodic memory with the ability to encode and retrieve on demand.

Therefore, students using Brain Dip Memory engage with the information without frustration as the process is so easy and accessible. 

Create memories with Brain Dip and see the transformation in your students

Brain Dip Memory is more than a

revision technique

Brain Dip Memory works with the imagination, not the information itself.  Where other techniques train you to highlight this important term, repeat this quote, keep testing yourself on these processes, or read this page over and over again.

Brain Dip focuses on how our neurons store information.

By taking the information and turning it into a memory is so much easier than current conventional methods.