We invite you on a journey into our Brain


We have a passion for possibility that we want to share with the world.

The ability to capture a creative thought and transform it into something incredible is where our journey begins.


With over 8 years experience teaching in secondary schools, finding different ways to reach students who had given up on themselves during exam time is something we had to do creatively.  However, social views on creativity tend to be something separate from academic study. 

That's why we needed to create a brand that promotes the creative potential of our imagination and transforms it into something that can be measured. 

Imagine the ability to reduce anxiety, stress, increase confidence, increase grades and to create a better future using just your creative expression.

So we left our teaching careers to form Brain Dip.

As you have noticed, our journey is too big to fit into our brain.

We first noticed the potential of the Brain Dip method with recalling key terms from the long term memory at a much quicker rate than flash cards or the default method of 'read & repeat' that we tend to use when we need to revise. We then experimented with more detailed information that would be needed to answer an exam question correctly and it produced the same results. 

Then something amazing happened. Students who were not achieving their full potential during mock exams were now showing a new confidence in themselves when before the idea of exams would crush them silently. They achieved this by simply using their creative potential. Brain Dip was not only helping increase grades but inspiring young people to do more while feeling good at the same time.

As Einstein once said: 

"Logic will get you from A to B. Brain Dip will take you everywhere"

Well, he might of said 'Imagination' but this is what the Brain Dip brand aims to achieve. 

We are reshaping the social views of 'creativity' and 'imagination' in the public and political educational spheres and it starts with you, the reader.  We want you to join us on this journey by attending our live online training sessions, invite us into your schools, book our online tutoring or just simply by saying 'hi' and letting us know that you also preach the power of creativity.


Meet The Team


Ali Jaffer

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CEO & founder of Brain Dip & Brain Dip Education CiC

Former fun teacher now pursuing a transformation in education

Akira Amani

Akira Amani

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Former fun teacher now dedicated to creating more possibilities for young people